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4.0 stars average for Legal Solutions Partnership from 3 reviews  
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Maxet House, Liverpool Road, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU1 1RS

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4.0 stars average for Legal Solutions Partnership from 3 reviews

Based on 3 review(s)

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      Legal Solutions Partnership

      General Legal advice

      5 stars

      15/06/18 - Reviewed by Joanna

      Absolutely great solicitors and people. Working woth them is a pleassure! I will choose them to every single case I will have to fight.

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      Legal Solutions Partnership

      Personal injury

      5 stars

      22/03/18 - Reviewed by AMANDA

      We were very happy with the service provided by John Holtom throughout our case and would certainly recommend his services.

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      Legal Solutions Partnership

      General Legal advice

      1 stars

      06/11/17 - Reviewed by Anonymous

      I certainly would not recommend this company yo anybody the service is awful dn so unprofessional you do not pay more than 2000 pounds to do the majority of the work yourself. You are told this matter will be resolved in 6 months and takes more than 3 years. Please do not use their service

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      06/11/17 - Response by John Holtom

      It is hard to respond to a critical review without any information. Please would whoever wrote the review confirm who dealt with the case, and what the problem was. If the person is not prepared to provide a direct account of the nature of the complaint, this review should be removed.

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      15/06/18 - Response by Joanna

      Some cases are taking bery long time. And it is not solicitors fault. I am working with LSP for almost 4 years and never ever been treated bad or misinformed. They are professionals and know what they doing. Plus if you have any issues all ypu have to do is speak woth them and they will resolve it.
      Shame that some people are forgeting that law is a law and nobody will change it only because they wants to.

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      05/12/19 - Response by Anonymous

      Joanna, how dare you discredit someone negative review just because you had a good service with them. You need to understand that everyone has different experiences with lawyers. If you had read properly what the OP review was you would see that ‘ they had been told the matter would be resolved in 6 months’, as far as I am concerned if a professional is promising to provide a service in a specific timescale, then this should be adhered to. The way I see it, as a professional if you fail to keep your promises to a paying customer obviously they are going to naturally feel upset by it.

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