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St Helens House, 33 West St Helens Street, Abingdon, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 5DY

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3.0 stars average for Marshall & Galpin from 3 reviews

Based on 3 review(s)

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      Marshall & Galpin

      Will and probate

      2 stars

      03/11/14 - Reviewed by Anglia Research

      We referred probate administration matters to them but eventually had to discontinue because of their inefficiency and unhelpfulness

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      Marshall & Galpin

      General Legal advice

      2 stars

      25/08/11 - Reviewed by Bretton Woods

      This firm now operate under the trading name WITHY KING and have branches across the south east and M4 corridor. My experiences with WITHY KING were dreadful and I would not recommend them for any kind of representation, especially in matters which are of personal/private importance. Solicitors are generally cut from the same cloth, but most at least pretend to show a genuine interest in your concerns and offer tailored advice and a personal service. WITHY KING is more interested in how you will be settling their invoices.

      At £220 an hour, the advice they give is often straight from the internet which everyone has access to and as they lack personal touch, there is little point in wasting good money with them. I had a sit down meeting with one chap, whom I shall not mention; he was more interested in the model of my wristwatch than what I was trying to explain.

      I received help and advice through a legal forum online which was spot on and resolved all of my issues; I didn’t pay a penny for that help. Avoid WITHY KING at all costs.

      (Based on my own personal experience only and should not reflect their performance generally)

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      Marshall & Galpin


      5 stars

      19/05/10 - Reviewed by Anonymous

      The staff were very friendly and efficient and handled my property transcaction in a very professional manner. They also provided added value services by recommending Robinsons International Removers and a dedicated move manager. As a result of their combined approach the move of house took place smoothly.

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