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1 High Street, Horley, Surrey, RH6 7BE

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1.0 stars average for Newmans Solicitors Limited from 1 reviews

Based on 1 review(s)

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Newmans Solicitors Limited


1 stars

29/11/22 - Reviewed by Do not use Newmans

Absolutely dreadful experience. Do not use Newmans and especially James Way in the family department.

After 4 months and 4 letters of them trying to brush me off. I finally got a written admission from the directors that the service James provided me was in a number of instances not of the standard that they would expect themselves.

I’ve asked them to continue to engage with me as I have since gathered fresh information pertinent to my original complaint that proves that James has blatantly lied to both me (the client) and the directors (his bosses) during their investigation and now they’re telling me that they’ll no longer respond to my letters any more. Surely they’d want to know if he’s lied to them even if they don’t care that he’s lied to me?

I’ve had a written apology from the directors but no apology direct from James. And they’ve offered me a discount on my final bill (they took themselves off my case when I raised my complaint) which is not comparative to what it will cost me to get my case up to speed and correct James errors.

Not only is James a liar, his own bosses have admitted that his work hasn’t been of the correct standard. There were a number of oversights on his behalf and he is a very uninspiring man that I could not advise anybody to instruct to help them in a legal case. He’s good for ringing you to chase money to feed his family though. He’ll be sure to let you know that.

The fact he hasn’t offered me a personal apology just makes him as bad a man as he is a solicitor.

Due to time constraints and an upcoming hearing I have no choice but to settle my final bill in order for them to release my file to a new solicitor (which I understand is their terms of business).

This however is not resolved and I will be reporting both James and Newmans to the SRA and sharing my review wherever possible for the public to see.

In short, my advice would be do not use James Way as he is uninspiring, he lies and does not meet the standards expected of me or his own bosses. And do not use Newmans as even when they apologise to you and admit that their solicitors are not up to scratch they will not consider a refund on fees already paid or continue to consider fresh evidence and reach an agreeable outcome for both parties. They will simply stop communicating with you (as part of their own complaints procedure they investigated themselves).

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