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6 Market Square, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, CM23 3UZ

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1.0 stars average for Nockolds Solicitors Limited from 1 reviews

Based on 1 review(s)

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Nockolds Solicitors Limited


1 stars

02/12/19 - Reviewed by Ryan Bates

I am a vulnerable Autistic man who has been the victim of DV by my Ex-Wife, supported by the courts and various DV Support Services. In 2018 i was admitted into a mental health hospital, following an unsuccessful suicide attempt. From the outset, i asked Nockolds to help with legal issues. They we’re aware of my circumstances both financially and emotionally. They encouraged me to get into debt with credit cards and also family members, to pay for their services. I have exhausted my families money from borrowing, and my credit cards are all maxed out. I have made a complaint to them, to no avail.

During my stay in a mental health hospital, whilst extremely vulnerable and unable to make decisions for myself, i managed to rack up a huge bill of nearly £5,500 with Nockolds. They knew i was vulnerable and unable to make sensible decisions for myself, however they did not support me in the ways that ethically, i deserved. As such, i am now in considerable debt with them and also family members as well as credit cards. They know i purchased motorbikes for my sons in 2018, whilst i had no contact with my boys, and they are now demanding i sell them to pay part of their bill. I later found out because i had been the victim of DV, i could have received Legal Aid, thus avoiding what is now significant debt. I made an offer to Nockolds to repay the debt, based on my circumstances, which they know (as i filled out the income and outgoing forms they sent me) however they refused my offer of repayment, £70 per month. I even explained to them that my offer of repayment would be based on family members helping, getting into even further debt. They refused my offer of repayment as it was not enough, and it would take too long to repay (not that it was unaffordable). During the time i worked with Nockolds, they didnt even as much as acquire the return of clothes from my Ex-Wives house. I was too afraid to go there to get them. Nockolds Solicitors failed to actually help in any context whatsoever, and in fact, all they did manage to do was get me into serious financial difficulties, which is now seriously affecting my mental health. Nockolds had contact from my Mental Health doctor during my 5 month i patient stay, as well as letters from Adult Social Workers and Victim Support, asking them to help me, but they never did. All they did was encourage me to get into even more debt, during a time i was emotionally damaged and incapacitated to make any sensible decisions for myself. I even explained this to them in an E-mail whilst in hospital, and shockingly, they even charged me for their response to this. I feel very let down by them, and i absolutely feel they could have done so much more to help out with what is now, an absolutely horrendous financial situation i am now in.

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