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1.0 stars average for Proddow Mackay Solicitors LLP from 3 reviews  
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P M House, 250 Shepcote Lane, Sheffield, Yorkshire, S9 1TP

Languages spoken English 
Size of firm 5 solicitors

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1.0 stars average for Proddow Mackay Solicitors LLP from 3 reviews

Based on 3 review(s)

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Proddow Mackay Solicitors LLP

General Legal advice

1 stars

03/04/21 - Reviewed by Anonymous

I would definitely not recommend these cowboys. Dragged a case regarding a car accident my partner was involved in, for 2 years. Collated no relevant evidence (which was prompted) and effectively then, had a 3rd party represent with regards to court case. Unprofessional, lazy and unresponsive. Avoid !!!!

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Proddow Mackay Solicitors LLP


1 stars

17/04/20 - Reviewed by Anonymous

Referred to them by Tesco Insurance who have been mostly very good until I was referred to Proddow Mackay. Not that impressed so far. They don't respond to being chased and won't give me an adequate update to explain the delay. My file handler is helpful when I get a response but when I have come through to someone else in his absence, he was dimissive and rude. I see from a quick Google that others are having exactly the same problems with them. I'll write an updated review when it's over

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Proddow Mackay Solicitors LLP

General Legal advice

1 stars

04/06/18 - Reviewed by Mr D

This law firm are dealing with my insurance claim. Tesco motor insurance (don’t ever use them) use them if the third party contests an incident was their fault. The company never contact me unless I chase them and even then it takes 3 or 4 attempts to get a response. Dreadful service. I don’t know how much they charge Tesco motorinsurance but whatever it is, it’s a rip off!

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06/06/18 - Response by Anonymous

Hello Mr. D,

We're sorry to hear that you aren't happy with the service you have received. As we cannot identify your case without more details, please would you email deusman@proddowmackay.co.uk and include either th Proddow Mackay reference number, your Tesco reference number, or your vehicle registration number and date of accident. We will then be able to look into the matter for you.

The Proddow Mackay team

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09/08/18 - Response by Mr I

Exact same issue of me. Contacted them for months and still no update on the case.

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18/11/19 - Response by Happy customer

Exact opposite for me. Represented my son in a claim on behalf of Aviva. Young driver v 50 year old plus lady driver. A bit slow to respond at times and needed prodding to progress but that's all legal people!
Brief in court was very good and prepared. Of course it helped as we were telling the truth about events. Found in our favour with all costs reimbursed. Cant fault them.

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01/04/21 - Response by L Lom

Dreadful company. Dragged claim out for 2 years. Asked for them to collate and even directed them, as to what was required by way of relevant evidence to support my claim. Done nothing in 2 years. Avoid at all costs !!!

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