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10 Wellington Place , Leeds, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 4AP


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      QCAS a division of Shulmans LLP

      General Legal advice

      1 stars

      23/12/18 - Reviewed by Tom

      Barclays is using this company in regards to remortgaging. Baeclays should find another company to deal with

      I am most likely looking to with draw my application from Barclays because of Shulmns, QCas

      They sent me a form to fill out. For entry fields were not working properly meaning I could not enter any text leaving the entry fields incomplete, which will then not allow you to send the form off back to them.

      Phoned them up. took 5 attempts to phone them. was held on hold for about 40 mins each time before getting cut off.
      Once through, the person on the other end of the phone said "yes don't worry about it and just send it." Though telling him that I can not send it due to the error on the form. and it will not allow me to send it
      He insisted on not needing to email me a new one.

      I have replied to the email address lrailton@qcas.co.uk a couple times on the matter. Which states to email if any problems. Two to three weeks after I still have not heard anything.

      I keep receiving a notification email informing me that i have not sent the questionnaire.

      I will now give it two more weeks and i will withdraw my remortgage application if nothing is heard.

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      QCAS a division of Shulmans LLP


      1 stars

      19/12/18 - Reviewed by Sara Garghan

      I have tried a couple of times to email this company to request information my proof of ownership which I haven't had to link my fit panels to the energy company to save money....

      I have call numerous times left in que for over 35 mins with out getting through on one number and the other left messages of which had no reply. Not even a reply back to say you can not help or just send the information without a call but to hear nothing or have no acknowledgement when waiting is not a good customer service. I feel that because my sale and payment is all completed I do not need to be acknowledge. I now have to pay land registry for this information when I shouldn't have to.

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      QCAS a division of Shulmans LLP


      1 stars

      29/08/18 - Reviewed by Useless

      Positively useless...

      We were offered to use QCAS for our remortgage through TSB for "free" & thought why not, big mistake...

      QCAS feels more like a glorified call center / scam than a legitimate Solicitors - let me elaborate :

      * Communication is non-existent unless you mean spam bots filling your inbox with "status updates" on your case.
      * Emails / inquiries never replied to.
      * Fails to acquire the most basic of documents themselves even when provided with simple 3-step instructions.
      * Seemingly "loses" documents until an email is sent to them (again, never replied to) reiterating where the document is in their possession & the document magically reappears.
      * Pesters for documents which they should be acquiring themselves only to tell us those are no longer needed after we have gone out of our way to do THEIR job.
      * Has a separate profile on this same website saturated with bad reviews already (https://www.solicitor.info/solicitors/shulmans-llp/2473/1)

      For your sanity, avoid at all cost and pay for a REAL Solicitors

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      18/12/18 - Response by Very annoyed

      Welcome to Qcas…..they never pick up the phone....they never return emails.....they lose documentation and then continue to ask for it time after time...you simply cannot speak to anyone. They took so long in dealing with a remortgage the offer ran out....3 months later they were till asking for information. Simply disgusting service....my deepest sympathy to anyone that comes across them.

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      QCAS a division of Shulmans LLP


      4 stars

      02/05/18 - Reviewed by Alan Potts

      Having read reviews on this site I became terrified that our remortgage would be hopelessly delayed and collapse our overseas property purchase. I'm pleased to report that it could not have gone any smoother. Thanks to Sameera for delivering on what she said when she said it would happen bang on time. There are people with good experiences as well as bad lets hope its a trend.

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