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16a Guildhall Street
Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN1 1TT

Tel: 01522 512321

Areas of law reviewed: Conveyancing/property law, Divorce law, Family law, Will and probate law


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Anthony Clark & Co solicitors

18/03/17 - Rating by Anonymous

Area of law reviewed: Conveyancing/property

1 star rating

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Never contact you have to constantly chase them up. Don't bother.

Anthony Clark & Co solicitors

05/02/14 - Rating by Rick

Area of law reviewed: Will and probate

1 star rating

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Dont bother there terrible they dont return calls has took me a year to sort out childrens bonds total waste of time dont let them push you around only intrested in your money tryreturning your clients calls your a joke

Anthony Clark & Co solicitors

14/10/13 - Rating by Anonymous

Area of law reviewed: Divorce

1 star rating

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They started out very well, appeared very supportive. Over time they just got worse, unless I contacted them nothing happened. If I ever expressed my displeasure at the lack of support or information I just got a rude and aggressive response which they turned round on to me, blaming me. They seemed to have no idea that a divorce is very very upsetting and sometimes the information they are giving you is going to have a devestating effect. They could not handle an emotionally wrought client in any way and thought it was perfectly acceptable to be late for appointments because they were doing the post! I was eventually told to go away. Only go to these people if you have a simple un emotional legal matter.

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