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69-71 Tollgate House, Harpenden, Neves Solicitors
Harpenden, Hertfordshire, AL5 2SL

Tel: 01582715234

Areas of law reviewed: Divorce law


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Mary McEvoy solicitors

02/08/18 - Rating by Anonymous

Area of law reviewed: Divorce

1 star rating

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I would warn people to steer clear of this firm of solicitors who are nothing but corrupt. I hired them to protect me in my divorce, but they made me bankrupt on the basis of a bogus bill they claimed I owed them after telling me I owed them nothing. I have written evidence from these solicitors proving everything I say is true. They breached their own terms and conditions of contract. The appalling thing is that none of this evidence has ever been examined by any court because I have never been given the opportunity of defending the claim they made against me. A default judgment Neves got against me has crazily legitimised their claim against me which paved the way for them to make me bankrupt. I am a mother to six children who does not work in paid employment and is financially dependent on the children's father who himself is corrupt and lied relentlessly in court to avoid properly financially supporting me and the children. Neves are a terrible firm of solicitors, totally void of honesty and integrity and professionalism.

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