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Church House, Newton Abbot
Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ12 2QP

Tel: 01626202404

Areas of law reviewed: Conveyancing/property law, Family law


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WBW LLP solicitors

18/09/18 - Rating by Martyn Fox

Area of law reviewed: Family

1 star rating

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I can find nothing positive to say about W.B.W. Solicitors. In the case decision by The Legal Ombudsman Service following my complaint to them the ombudsman uses the words 'poor service' three times to describe the work of W.B.W. Solicitors. W.B.W. were ordered to pay me compensation, however I consider that I have still suffered financial losses by using them. My experience of the staff was that they were rude and unhelpful. I would not recommend W.B.W. Solicitors to anyone.

WBW LLP solicitors

04/06/18 - Rating by Anonymous

Area of law reviewed: Conveyancing/property

1 star rating

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Do yourself a favour and use a real solicitor, not a conveyancer like Caroline Jennings. She slowed the process down (with her two or three day week), made a couple of mistakes that cost us money, and in the end, couldn't exchange with her limited qualifications (when she assured us she was qualified).

The bill was more than promised and we had to agree to pay that before they would exchange - it was a complete power play (totally taking advantage of us).

I would not recommend them, and have since learned of other people who are challenging them legally for shoddy service.

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