Making a Whiplash Injury Claim

Making a Whiplash Injury Claim

A whiplash injury, commonly caused by rear-end vehicle collisions, is damage to the soft tissues surrounding the spine (e.g. ligaments) or the spine itself due to a rapid hyperextension or twisting of the neck. Symptoms such as headache, muscle stiffness in the neck and shoulders, memory and concentration problems, tinnitus, and blurring of vision do not usually appear immediately, and when they do they do not seem so grave that the victim may continue on with daily life without the knowledge he or she is developing "whiplash syndrome," which is the collective term for the long-term effects of whiplash neck injury. General practitioners may also make the mistake of misdiagnosing the case, especially if there were inadequate tests done. It is very serious, however, and merely considering its long-term effects should lead the victim to make a whiplash injury claim.

If you got into a vehicular accident and acquired whiplash injury through no fault of your own, you may file a whiplash injury claim. It may seem complicated and costly at first but it should prove extremely helpful in compensating for the all the damages you received. The following are several pieces of advice that should help you out if, God forbid, you get into such a situation:

It is hard to make sense of things immediately after, but the victim must ensure evidence of the accident is preserved. How can you do this- By jotting down the names and addresses and even contact methods of the witnesses, all of them, if possible. It would be a breeze to get in touch with them later on to have them verify information about the accident both for the police and your claim. Also take photos of the scene, covering all angles, not missing even nearby skid marks. This should not be difficult in our day and age because mostly everyone carries around a camera-enabled mobile phone of their own.

Undergo a medical examination. You may feel fine after the accident but the symptoms of whiplash neck injury tend to appear at a later time. This will not only be beneficial health-wise, the doctor’s report would also back your claim for compensation.

Keep a journal of anything and everything occurring to you after the accident. Any difficulties you encounter and detail in your diary will help make your case stronger. An accurate record of your financial losses, receipts attached, will allow you to claim compensation for your expenses relating to your whiplash injury, such as a taxi ride from the scene, pain medications, diagnostic tests, and medical treatment. Included in said expenses are the earnings you lost while convalescing.

Most important in making a whiplash injury claim is to seek legal advice. Look for a solicitor with a significant amount of experience with accident compensation claims. Any guidance you may need with regard to the correct procedure in filing will be provided by your solicitor, so along with a complete and accurate account of the incident and the evidence you’ve managed to preserve through your photos, receipts, witness statements, and journal, you may be sure you will get the compensation that you’ll need for the damages incurred to you by this unfortunate accident.

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