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Three Kings Court, 150 Fleet Street, London, London, EC4A 2DQ


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      General Legal advice

      1 stars

      28/09/18 - Reviewed by Anonymous

      Dishonest hardly touches it. Stole £90k then shut down. Sent three seniors to a negotiation then charged accordingly - even the judge called their charges excessive. Don’t let these shysters function again anywhere in the world.

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      1 stars

      08/11/17 - Reviewed by Bilmes_client

      This law firm is closed due to financial impropriety 30/10/2017. They just suddenly closed down, Law Society still have it UP and running. Clients have been poorly informed and no moines or files returned, let alone that , they aren't even responding to calls or emails - yet the website is still up. Shambles avoid, the police are the only ones who should be going there

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      25/04/18 - Response by Anonymous

      yes all grief from them.
      Who else had problems as a dishonest solicitor!

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      25/07/18 - Response by Anonymous

      I had terrible troubles with them including massive overcharging and dishonestly about everything. Very questionable. They should be struck off forever.

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