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The Law Society Accredited - Conveyancing Quality

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146/148 Botchergate, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA1 1SH

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Languages spoken English, Punjabi, Urdu 
Size of firm 2 solicitors

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1.0 stars average for Butterworths from 3 reviews

Based on 3 review(s)

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1 stars

17/11/23 - Reviewed by Anonymous

Currently making a total dog's dinner of my sale - they are the buyer's solicitor and the delays have been both inexplicable and monumental.

We've been trying to contact them today to complete (after all, we're only on day 300+ and counting...) on a simple zero-chain buy/sell and now they're pretending to not be available!

I'm hoping this honest and genuine review might spur them on to actually do something that resembles a solicitor, but I doubt it will resonate.

The unprofessionalism of Butterworths is unbelievable - you have been warned!

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1 stars

08/09/22 - Reviewed by Sarah Taylor

Shouldn't be in business and certainly shouldn't be charging for it! Still waiting (21 weeks in) for them to get their act together and progress the sale. (Only 2 houses in chain), don't know what they do day to day but they certainly don't expedite anything infact 21 weeks in and they are only just requesting a management pack for one of the properties and you can't tell me that couldn't have been done sooner. I would be embarrassed to work for them.

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General Legal advice

1 stars

05/11/20 - Reviewed by Anonymous

I have hired delay again flights in May 2019 after my flights was cancelled in the last minute – 4 days- 1 week prior of my bookings.
I was informed by delay again flight administration people –solicitors that I could persuade my claims even if it was bought through the travel agency due to a short notice given - less than 14 days which is obligated by law.
My claim was acceptable and directed for Butterworths Solicitors Company.
Butterworth Solicitors Company – Delay again flights asked me to sign a lot of papers – They are acting on my behalf.
I have had a very poor service in terms of communication through phone calls and emails to find out about my process.
I was communicating with one of the staff that reported to me that it could take 18 months to be solved.
I was in my right and they were waiting for the airline to defend themselves regarding my claim.
I had a full refund of my ticket cost. However, I did this claim due to the stress I had that time with the cancelation at the last minute. Furthermore, I had to buy a new flight tickets which I did not pay the same amount as my previous ticket.
I did this claim not because of the compensation which I would get only 250 euros.
My point to go all this way - through solicitors was to reach the airline in terms of moral damage with a cancelation at the last minute.
Where is the customer service care, commitments?
I would like the airline understanding the stress and the moral damaged them caused me.
I was waiting for my compensation. I am sure that I am right to get it due to the facts.
A month ago when it was about to finish my case (18 months later 2020) and to get my compensation Butterworths Solicitors Company contact me saying that they revised my case and that they would not continue due to my tickets were bought through an agency.
This company is not trustable they knew very well since the begriming of my claims that my tickets was bought through agency and they accepted my case.
How I know that they did not continued to persuade my case and/or did get or not the compensation; and kept the compensation money?
It is only 250 euros, but if it is calculated for every customer that had the same experience as me how much would be?
I am a honest citizen that contact this company to try to persuade my rights against people that take advance of you, but what I get it was a very poor service. If my signature in lots of papers.

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