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Office 2h, Highstone House, 165 High Street, Barnet, Hertfordshire, EN5 5SU

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2.0 stars average for Duncan Lewis Solicitors Ltd from 1 reviews

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Duncan Lewis Solicitors Ltd


2 stars

19/06/19 - Reviewed by Truth seeker

I was represented in a Public Law Order case. I received statutory legal aid.

I was not aware of the procedures etc and how things worked when the Local Authorities Social Services took me to court seeking a care order for my 2 children.

I knew that I was supposed to instruct my solicitor. However it felt like the solicitors were actually instructing me! I wished to contest the LA's evidence and recommendations. But was told not to do so because "it would make me appear difficult and argumentative. I would be classed as not willing to do what was best for my children". Therefore the case would surely go in their favour.
Despite their evidence being full of inaccuracies, fallacies, stereotypes and misquoted, it wasn't a "sensible" idea to request a "fact finding" exercise to disprove the evidence.

Since LOSING MY CHILDREN I have been reading up in the children Protection system, have carried out extensive research and spoken to over 150 parents who have experienced similar issues with SS and their solicitors.

Why do Family Law solicitors take the easy route. Are siding with SS? Are they doing so for a reward of some kind?

The SS and are taking kids unnecessarily from loving homes where they are not being harmed. Are family law solicitors in on the game with them?

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