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Alliance House, 20 Fawcett Street, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, SR1 1RZ

Languages spoken English, Mirpuri, Norwegian, Punjabi, Urdu 
Size of firm 3 solicitors

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The Law Society Accredited - Conveyancing QualityLawyers For Your Business


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Legal services at this branch

  • Advocacy
  • Benefits and allowances
  • Commercial property
  • Company and commercial
  • Consumer
  • Conveyancing - residential
  • Crime - general
  • Employment
  • Family - general
  • Landlord and tenant - residential
  • Private client - Probate
  • Private client - trusts
  • Private client - Wills
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Hedleys & Co


5 stars

12/09/18 - Reviewed by Joshua Thompson

Excellent after-hours service from the Customer Care lady Sam, followed up with a swift response from the legal department to help my partner with her house sale issue. Sam even called me the following day to ensure that my issue had been dealt with. Top marks for effort and performance.

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Hedleys & Co


1 stars

11/09/18 - Reviewed by Paul Whitehouse

Their terrible service cost me a house sale. Calls and emails go unanswered. There is still not response to my complaint, which I made 2 months ago.

Leo Johnstone is either incompetent or uncaring. Stuart Lisgo is no better. He was supposed to be dealing with my complaint.

I literally begged them to take my calls or answer my emails. I have the records to prove it.

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12/09/18 - Response by Anonymous

It is most unfortunate that Mr Whitehouse did not think it appropriate to disclose to us at the time he instructed us in connection with the sale of his property that there were defects in title.

He knew about these defects but failed to tell us. This would have allowed us to have made an informed decision as to whether we should accept his instruction to act.
If we had known we would have recommended to Mr Whitehouse, that he went back to the solicitor who represented him when he bought the property. What happened subsequently was due to the failure on his part to provide true position with regard to the property.

Mr Whitehouse now chooses to blame us for the problems of his own making after stating previously that he was going to formulate a complaint about the buyers' solicitors.

Many, many hours were spent by us trying to resolve problems with this gentleman's property.

Many emails and letters were sent which all could have been avoided if he had dealt with matters properly when he bought the property in the first place.

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14/09/18 - Response by Paul Whitehouse

I note that your response is anonymous. I think that is pretty telling. It is also telling that this is the only response you have given me in relation to my complaint which I made 2 months ago. I have at least 2 emails stating a formal response will be provided. That has not happened.

Your response implies I deliberately misled you. Which is simply not the case. I was not aware of any issue with the title. In your own words, you stated that the buyers solicitor was being "overly picky" when the issue was raised.

When it came to light you failed to deal with it. I can only apologise that it meant you might actually have had to do some work.

To anyone reading this review, all I can say is my negative experience is consistent with other negative reviews on this site and other solicitor review sites.

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25/11/18 - Response by Leo to be struck off 2019

Watch this space leo will say goodbye to his place on the roll of solicitors by end of february 19. Fraudster. Look at bar council website the firm is on the barred list

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Hedleys & Co

General Legal advice

5 stars

03/09/18 - Reviewed by Pascal Domoricci

I was referred to Hedleys by my business coach for assistance in finalising several business matters before taking my company online. The level of service given was prompt, timely and courteous and the advice highlighted several issues that I had not considered previously. I will certainly be using this company again for my legal affairs.

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Hedleys & Co


1 stars

17/10/17 - Reviewed by Barry Thomas

They are totally incompetent and lack any client service skills. We had a simple matter of power of attorney to attend to. It took six months before they provided any documentation, and that was after a lot of chasing. Those documents were incorrect. The replacement documents were also incorrect, and the third set of documents were sent to the wrong address and were also incorrect. We then decided enough was enough and demanded a refund in full of their fee. They agreed without argument. Their fee was £802, for a service you can get on line for £82. The senior partner, Mr Johnstone, ignores emails, our solicitor Mr Lisgo, and his secretary, were totally incompetent.

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19/07/18 - Response by Samantha Thompson

Dear Mr Thomas,
I am so sorry that you had a poor experience with Hedleys and Co. Unfortunately, your case was not handled well and the lack of responses to your various requests is unforgivable. As you said, you eventually requested a refund, which we were duty bound to give. There is nothing more frustrating than dealing with a company who do not keep their clients apprised of the situation, and I am afraid that it appears that Hedley’s were instrumental in fuelling your frustration by not responding to your requests. As part of the company reorganisation, we have introduced a customer care department that is dedicated to handling customer concerns before they get to an unreasonable position, as yours obviously did. I realise that this is of small comfort to you after your poor experience with us, but if there is anything we can do at this late stage to partially redress the unfortunate experience you had, please let us know. We have a temporary customer service number at 07516 905476 and I would welcome the opportunity to discuss just what went wrong with the process. This will help us to put systems in place to avoid this situation occurring in the future and, more importantly, make a client’s experience with us a far smoother journey. Again, profuse apologies and I hope that your outstanding issues have all been satisfactorily resolved.
Sam T

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07/08/18 - Response by Sam Thompson

Dear Mr. Thomas, I have just reread the review response and notice that I have not added your surname to the review, initially addressing the review to a Mr. Barry. Please accept my apologies for this omission.

I had hoped for a response from you so I could discuss this further, but perhaps you were not aware of my request. If you wished to correspond by email instead, please address your emails to customercare@hedleyssolicitors.com.

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