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1.0 stars average for Knightsbridge Solicitors Limited from 2 reviews  
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52 The Ropewalk, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG1 5DW

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Languages spoken English, Punjabi 
Size of firm 6 solicitors

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1.0 stars average for Knightsbridge Solicitors Limited from 2 reviews

Based on 2 review(s)

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Knightsbridge Solicitors Limited

General Legal advice

1 stars

18/10/23 - Reviewed by Anonymous

S hussein handled my case, I provided him with all photographs and videos almost 2 years ago! He came back to me recently threatening legal action if I don’t send over the files which I had initially provided to him. Absolutely unacceptable, unprofessional joke of a service. He saw all the evidence prior to taking the case on, and when I had sent it over for the third time he then came back and said he can’t win the case, he has wasted 2 of my 3 years in which I could claim for this. Do not use this company, they will sit on your claim until it suits them, they will lose your files and then threaten you.

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Knightsbridge Solicitors Limited

General Legal advice

1 stars

29/10/21 - Reviewed by Anonymous

Avoid this solicitor firm at any cost. Poor communication, in fact, there is no communication. We were dealing with this highly recommended solicitor KS every time we need to get in touch with this person, all we receive is nothing else but ignoring us and our situation. You can email him, call or text, no response. And if we get in touch (that was only in the beginning), it's the worst experience ever, poor customer service, incompetent at his field, this person doesn't know what formal communication is.

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