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5.0 stars average for Noel Kelly  Solicitor from 37 reviews  
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5.0 stars average for Noel Kelly  Solicitor from 37 reviews

Based on 37 review(s)

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Noel Kelly Solicitor

Will and probate

1 stars

14/05/23 - Reviewed by Anonymous

Mr Kelly could not have made the process more difficult for us!

We engaged his services following my late father’s passing. It took 3½ months to even get the draft grant of probate from him, which contained several fundamental errors including the deceased’s address and sections not completed. We wrote back to Mr Kelly the same day, highlighting the errors.

A week later we received the revised GoP, still with errors – my email address being incorrect, the deceased’s National Insurance No. being completely wrong, the wrong valuation on the deceased property (I had advised the value in returning the previous GoP draft), my address being wrong (even though corrected on the previous draft GoP) and the deceased’s address still being incorrect.

Mr Kelly advised me to sign the forms and he would make the necessary amendments! To this date I still don’t have a copy of the actual version he issued to the Registry Office.

He also quoted me £170 for the GoP application in Sep 2022, but when we received his bill that amount had been increased to £277.50. He went to great pains to say that it wasn’t his fault and that he’d paid exactly what he’d been charged. The point is that the probate registry fee was increased to £273 on 26 Jan 2022, so when Mr Kelly quoted £170 some 8 months after the price increase, it was never, ever going to be that amount!

When we originally met him, he agreed to write to my sibling but never bothered. He also agreed to check old account books and find out if anything might be owing (for a small additional fee), but again never bothered. I wrote to Mr Kelly at the start of Apr 2023 and asked for those account books to be returned to me, but again thus far he hasn’t bothered.

Phone calls are rarely returned and none of my emails, as I’ve pointed out to Mr Kelly previously, were ever replied to.

Mr Kelly blamed delays on the Probate Registry Office, but said he’d check and come back to me…..he never did. My point was how long it took to even get the application to the Registry Office in the first place.

Suffice to say, we’ve used another solicitor for my father’s house sale. The 2 people you expect to be thorough and accurate in what they do are the person operating on you and you solicitor. It’s a good job Mr Kelly isn’t a surgeon!

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Noel Kelly Solicitor

General Legal advice

1 stars

11/03/22 - Reviewed by Paula

One word, dreadful! Got very important personal details wrong, ie.date of birth, name spelled wrong. Expected more to be honest.

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Noel Kelly Solicitor

Will and probate

1 stars

16/09/16 - Reviewed by Anonymous

Don't use this solicitor, that’s all I can say, the experience my family suffered with this solicitor you cannot put into words.

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16/09/16 - Response by Noel Kelly

I am sorry the reviewer did not find my services up to standard.
I did have difficulty with a parfticular probate matter at this time. Sadly, in that case, the testator's conduct had caused a significant professional ethics problem and, I regret to say, I do not think I was served well by the Law Society's professional ethics team whose advice I followed. If the exact situation were to arise again I would now decline to take instructions.
I would add that over 66% of my work comes from repeat busines and personal recommendations from existing clients. Having said this I am always looking at ways to improve the quality of my service.

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