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1.0 stars average for Pardoes Solicitors LLP from 1 reviews

Based on 1 review(s)

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Pardoes Solicitors LLP


1 stars

26/11/20 - Reviewed by Martin W Huxley

Appalling service. I was accused by a neighbour of Harassment in 2013, and was arrested by a PC with a grudge against me. I gave the solicitor a lot of evidence which proved that it was the neighbour who had been harrassing my elderly mother for years, then continued, when I returned to care for my mother, even though they knew my mother was ill and I was her full time carer. My evidence also proved that the allegations they had made in a police statement were malicious lies. I was amazed when the case went to court, and even more disgusted when my solicitor told me that I had no right to tell the court about the harassment we suffered, or to allow my two witnesses to give evidence which would have proved that the prosecution witnesses lied in court. It was as though the solicitor who was representing me was in collusion with the prosecution. They asked for their fee which was over £1000, then could not care less about defending me. They never used my evidence to question the lies told by the prosecution witnesses. It later transpired that the police never disclosed my evidence to the prosecution, (Non-Disclosure). Pardoes also had that evidence and also failed to make use of my evidence. It was their job to make sure that the prosecution was made aware of all the evidence, yet they could not care less. They just wanted the money which I paid. I felt I was completely abandoned by the solicitor who was supposed to represent me. I was given a fine and conviction for Harassment, and given a Restraining Order, even though I was on my own property and it was the neighbours who were constantly coming up to my property and causing criminal damage to what was the property belonging to my elderly mother. In the end, the result was that my mother suffered so much stress, which led to high blood presure and illness. I had to move back to the family home to care for her, and the continued harassment led me to suffer a nervous breakdown, and my mother was admitted to a nursing home where she died in 2012. Previously, she had been fit and healthy, and would probably lived for another 10 years. I have written proof from the CPS that my evidence was not disclosed by the police, yet neither the police or the CPS could care less about the 'miscarriage of justice'. Withholding evidence is a Breach of Article 6 of the ECHR, which denied me the right to a fair trial. Pardoes have no interest in defending their clients and people should be aware before they employ this firm.

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