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56 High Street, Shepperton
Shepperton, Middlesex, TW17 9AY

Tel: 01932 220451

Areas of law reviewed: Will and probate law


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Owen White Catlin solicitors

06/02/18 - Rating by Anonymous

Area of law reviewed: Will and probate

1 star rating

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Cannot recommend them. They mis-managed the (very simple) estate of my mother after her death in April 2015 and took until January 2018 to close the file. They were generally uncommunicative (the solicitor handling our case left the firm and they did not notify us), unhelpful (refused to provide copies of paperwork when requested to), bullying (aggressive letters seeking repayment of over payments), insensitive (no apology made for their errors), and obstructive (subsequently refusing to deal with the Executor after he challenged their incorrect calculations). The Solicitors Regulatory Authority found in our favour in 3 out of 4 complaints. I would hope they learn some sensitivity in future and never treat another bereaved family the way they have ours.

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