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22 Outram Road, Croydon, Greater London, CR0 6XE

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The breakdown of your marriage, civil partnership or long term relationship is one of the most traumatic events you will ever have to face. How you deal with that breakdown is crucial to your future happiness.

At Beckett Solicitors we aim to make your separation, dissolution or divorce as stress-free as possible. Our role is to protect what is most important to you: your children, your financial assets, standard of living and your relationships with other family members. With that in mind we offer a variety of services and flexible pricing to meet your individual needs.

We are a specialist law firm of family and property law solicitors and mediators in Croydon, Surrey and in Rainham and Sittingbourne in Kent. We advise and mediate in all areas of family law, children, divorce and separation together with specialist advice on the dissolution of civil partnerships. We also advise on property law such as disputes between neighbours for example nuisance, party wall act problems, trespass, easement and boundary disputes as well as garden law and commercial tenancies....


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    Beckett Solicitors


    1 stars

    31/07/20 - Reviewed by Sean Flood

    On the fifth anniversary of me engaging this solicitor I provide this review. This woman promised lots & her charges were “incredible” according to one of the 2 female judges in my case. I was brought to near bankruptcy and the risk of losing my career my home everything through this woman’s charges, She even charged me a great sum from my meagre final settlement and then when I tried to query this found she had blocked me from contacting her.. Certainly would not recommend this practice to anybody.

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    01/08/20 - Response by Nadia

    Dear Sean,

    I have never blocked you from contacting me that is really very unfair and untrue as I have replied to all of your messages.

    Your settlement was largely as you expected and as you were advised. I have no control over this as the decision was made by a judge at final hearing and she simply did not like you or your evidence. As you are aware your barrister did not do a good job. That was very unfair on you and it may have affected your settlement. The barrister did not get his written submissions to the judge on time and was late filing your appeal.

    As you also know you appealed the judge's decsion with my help and won.

    You were never been told by a judge that my charges were too high. Again that is simply untrue. You had every opportunity to challenge my fees but have never done so.

    I know that this was not a happy experience for you but the was largely down to your wife's conduct in the case and the fact that she would not negotiate and kept making offers and withdrawing them. That was why you paid for a fully contested case. Your overall costs were also high because of the interest you were charged by Novitas for your litigation funding which is always expensive. That was what the judges commented on.


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    29/11/22 - Response by Sean Flood

    This my last communication as I am terminally ill with MND. Novitas have refunded me 25% of my loan-could never imagine Nadia admitting over charging & doing that. Imagine a legal "professional" charging £5 + vat for reading clients words. Exasperating greed purely. Sally Flood passed away 09/2023.

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    Beckett Solicitors


    1 stars

    31/10/17 - Reviewed by Anonymous

    Very poor service. Never again. 1 Star is over rated!

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    09/11/17 - Response by Nadia Beckett


    I'm sorry that you feel you have received a poor service and I would very much like to speak to you to resolve this. If your are or have been a client please do contact me to discuss. There is no need for you to post an anonymous comment here. We cannot improve if we do not know what we have done wrong.


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    14/11/17 - Response by Site admin (Solicitor.info)

    The solicitor does not know who you are? Please contact them in the morning and the issue will try to be resolved. If you are not prepared to identify yourself with the solicitor there is nothing they can do?

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    14/11/17 - Response by Anonymous

    I am scared their charges are sky high and left me with nothing. I am charged for everything and more.
    I would probably be charged for these reviews that's why I remain anonymous.

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    14/11/17 - Response by Nadia

    I do not know who you are and I should be grateful if you would identify yourself. I do not control this site and I do not believe that any genuine reviews have been removed (good or bad).

    However, if you have left more than one review you will be in breach of the site's terms of use and can easily be identified by the site administrator.

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    14/11/17 - Response by Site admin (Solicitor.info)

    If you remain anonymous the solicitor can not help you or resolve any issues. Please do not post multiple reviews on this site.

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    Beckett Solicitors

    General Legal advice

    1 stars

    16/08/11 - Reviewed by Anonymous

    Unfortunately we found this service to be very poor, the receptionist was rude and unhelpful and the solicitor was completly inflexible. Would not reccomend to my worst enemy. The one star is over rated.

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    21/12/16 - Response by Semi-AnonyMouse

    i found the ph staff very friendly-Possibly borderline near top best ph staff experience of that type.
    [Not as good as when free ph call centre & guess which call centre & where he lived within less than mile from his accent & hadhad a really good laugh]
    (Try to make sure if being charged for call- this seems to be true of ALL soliciters-AFTER you are their client/customer )
    I m still with them & so cant yet do indended extremely extensive longest review here yet.
    Think better at some matters than others (again guess true of ALL soliciters)
    Sorry u had bad experience
    ps staff chance over time-we may have spoke to different people,or you got a temp

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