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4.5 stars average for Dominic Levent Solicitors Ltd from 13 reviews  
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Second Floor, 1345 High Road, Whetstone, London, Greater London, N20 9HR

Languages spoken English, Farsi (Persian), Italian 
Size of firm 2 solicitors

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4.5 stars average for Dominic Levent Solicitors Ltd from 13 reviews

Based on 13 review(s)

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Dominic Levent Solicitors Ltd


1 stars

05/10/19 - Reviewed by Mrs T

He quoted me 1.500 for a child arrangement order. I did most of my paperwork and ended up with a bill of 7900 pounds and lost custody of the kids cause Dominic wasn't available the day of the trial!!!!!
Nothing to else to add.

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Dominic Levent Solicitors Ltd


1 stars

01/04/19 - Reviewed by Jody

Throughout the process I felt very consistently that my case was at the bottom of the Dominic Levent team's pile. Multiple technical errors were made delaying the process significantly and costing me immensely. My case got shifted between solicitors as one left the business so I understand the issues largely lay on one solicitor and I also understand perhaps a divorce matter is not super important to the firm but if I knew the advice I was given on the initial consultation was incorrect I would have definitely saved time and money by doing it myself. Instead, I had begun the process early and sought advice to get it done quickly and efficiently and was given a very lenient timeframe and budget by my DL solicitor at the first consultation. These were overshot by at least double at the end.

I continually stressed that my VISA to remain in the country relied on this documentation but the multiple filing and typing errors (ie. misspelling my name, not including my middle name to have the application sent back for review) and recording errors (the drafted divorce statements had no resemblance to what I had explained in consultation, resulting in a re-write to make it factual) left me with absurd timelines and extra costs. To clarify, the divorce had no financial element whatsoever or any complications.

In the end I did receive the paperwork, it was finally sent in the end albeit incorrectly and I needed to follow up on that as well, but I am very glad it is done now.

I just wanted to review as I fully regret not filing the divorce myself and am paying for it still. I felt very disregarded by the DL team and hope it doesn't happen to anyone else.

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Dominic Levent Solicitors Ltd

General Legal advice

1 stars

26/02/18 - Reviewed by MMJ

They will milk every penny from you. They claim to support mediation but it is not truth. Plus they work with very unprepared solicitors in front of the court (mine was shaking when the Barnett judge told her to prepare better next time).
Most part of people working are interns.

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